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Online since November 2001!
Since then, the number of users has been constantly increasing. In January 2004 it was visited by 475 users each day, and each week the Newsletters are delivered to over 1700 subscribers.

Artservis is used by artists, producers, gallerists, cultural managers and administrators, students, professors, social scientists... It has proved to be of special interest in the Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Mediterrannean.

On Artservis you can:
- announce your events;
- promote your programme or project;
- advertise your service, product, brand or organisation

Buy a banner for
29 EUR
per week or
89 EUR
per month!

(VAT incl.)*

*If designed by the Artservis designers the price is set in advance according to your needs.

Size: 468x60. Format: .gif or .jpg

Special discounts for the long-termed arrangements!

The banner is linked to your web page. At the end of the purchased period, Artservis sends you a report on the statistic details as well as on the other promotional activities executed by the Artservis team in that period.

Artservis is produced by SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts - Ljubljana.

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