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Ankara, Turkey
Datum dogodka: May 2012
Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival
15th Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival
for the native and foreigner women directors


The purpose of this festival is to evaluate cinema from a feminist perspective and to create a space for the discussion of women’s experiences and they are faced with as well as to introduce female directors, both Turkish and foreign, to the festival audience.

The festival accepts submissions of feature length fiction, documentaries and short films that are directed by women or co-directed by at least one woman.

Selected films will be screened in their original versions with electronic subtitles in Turkish. In principle, if the original language of the film is not English, submitted formats must be subtitled in English.

Dialog lists in English along with a DVD copy of the film must be provided for translation purposes.

Participants are urged to make available all requested publicity material for promotion purposes.

Submission deadlines and materials

The submission deadline for pre-selection is: March 1st, 2012.

Applicants are requested to send the following materials for pre-selection:

- A completed and duly signed entry form

- One full-length DVD (PAL) copy of the film. The screener must be labeled with the title, director’s name, length, format, and must be English subtitled.

The selected films for the festival program are required to send the following submission materials until April 2nd, 2012:

- Synopsis of the film
- Trailer of the film (if any)
- Biography and filmography of the director
- Full cast and credits list
- Stills from the film (300 dpi)
- Photographs of the director (300dpi)
- Poster and/or press booklet

None of the above listed submission enclosures will be returned.

Selected films

Requested film material (screener, synopsis of the film, biography and filmography of the director, a selection of stills from the film and a full list of artistic and technical credits), the information in which will be used in the festival catalogue, must be submitted to the festival committee by April 2nd 2012 along with the duly completed entry form. It is recommended that the materials are mailed upon acceptance of the invitation. The festival is not liable for the inaccuracy of the material.

The content of the catalogue is entirely at the discretion of the festival.

In principle the catalogue will include the following technical and artistic credits: original title, international title, country(ies) of production, production year, format, length, director, production company, producer, sales company, screenplay, camera, editing, art direction, sound, music and leading actors.

The owners of the films participating in the festival are requested to send separately an adequate number of press kits and stills to be made available to the festival press office.

After official selection of a film, the festival is entitled to use excerpts from the film of a maximum of 3 minutes, nationally and internationally for promotional purposes.

The festival website is entitled to use any photo for the promotion of both the film and the festival program.

Arrangement of the festival’s screening program is entirely at the discretion of the festival management.

The festival management is not liable for announcing the unselected films.

The film to win the FIPRESCI Award given to one of the films competing in the “Each Has A Different Color” section of the program will be screened after the Closing Ceremony on May 17th for the third time.

A selected film cannot be withdrawn from the program after March 15th 2012.

Print transportation

Shipment costs of prints both to and from the festival will be paid by the festival only if the prints are sent from and returned to their sources. In case the print is shared with another festival, Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival will pay for the return transportation charges only. The films must be sent prepaid by the other festival.

No collect shipments are accepted unless authorized by the Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival. Storage, customs, insurance and handling charges in Turkey will be covered by the Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival. Films will be returned within three weeks after the closing of the Festival. The consignee will be notified of the shipping details. The Festival is not responsible for storage fees at the airport.

It is the responsibility of each participant to inform the festival until May 17th 2012 of any change in the details of the return address as well as the desired date of arrival at the return address.

The Festival is responsible for the insurance of the prints selected, from the moment they are received by the Festival to the moment they are collected by the forwarding agent.


The selection of a film implies unconditional acceptance of these rules and regulations. In unforeseen circumstances, the festival management is the entity to make the final decision.

Rok prijave: 01/03/12
Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival
Buyukelci Sok. 20/4 K.dere
06700 Kavaklidere Ankara
tel: +90 (0)312 427 0020
fax: 00 90 312 466 55 61
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