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Lyon, France
Datum dogodka: 2012-2013
École nationale des beaux-arts (ENBA)
Postgraduate art
Call for Applications

n addition to its graduate courses, the ENSBA offers a one-year, Postgraduate programme with an international orientation, for a small group of student-researchers who have acquired at least a DNSEP or a Master’s degree.

In 1999, ENSBA, convinced that the singularity of an art school depends, among other things, on its freedom to reinvent itself and fully assume its role of transmission, decided to set up a postgraduate course program for a selected group of five young artists from different geographical backgrounds, already actively engaged in an art practice. During this yearlong program they are invited to pursue their work and will be given full access to the school’s facilities and studios. The development of individual work will be nourished through constant critical interaction, the creation of a collective project and opportunities for travel.

It is an articulation of elements that are too often kept separate: education and professionalism, the protected environment of the school and exposure to the world. The postgraduate program offers and involves a social experience based on openness to the exterior, which hopefully creates a certain form of destabilization.
Foreign travel, within and outside of Europe, will lead the group to meet many artists and art professionals, to analyze many exhibitions and artistic events, and observe, at the scale of a city, the conditions, needs and that which fuels an artistic scene.

The Postgraduate programme of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Lyon is accessible to international candidates.
All visual arts practices are welcome, including but not limited to painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, video, sound, performance...

Material conditions

- The successful candidates each receive a grant of 4,000 Euros, paid in two instalments.
- collective accommodation is offered to candidates in Lyon. In other places, accommodation possibilities will be proposed.


The required languages are English and French. Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of these languages, exchanges taking place in both languages.


The Postgraduate programme of Ensba Lyon is a program which is independent of the university system: it does not issue a qualification, any diploma or ECTS credits.
A certificate of participation and attendance is issued to participants.

The following documents must be enclosed to this application document (duplex printing), wrinting in French or English:
(important: make sure that your first and surname are at the top of all your documents)

• a letter of motivation
The cover letter addressed to the jury’s post-graduate explains the motivation for a program of research, meetings and residency. It emphasises what in your studies, your experience, and your personal research makes you inclined to be interested in this program. It mentions your personal project, which justifies your candidature to this professional trainin program.

• a recommendation letter
The recommender identifies himself and indicates his relationship with the candidate.
Second, it indicates what specifically distinguishes the person and the work.
The last part of the letter indicates why and how the candidate will benefit from the ENSBA Lyon’s Post-graduate program.

• a documentation on the candidate’s work evolution and recent works (please write your name on each part of the documentation) on paper, CD rom and/or DVD. Caution: Do not send original documents. Make a selection: send any representative of the work and would prefer some extract if the video clips or sound pieces are longs.

• an analytic presentation of the evolution of your approach (max. 1500 typed characters)

• a printed CV with copies of obtained degrees
Il you are currently completing your final dgree year (equivalent of the Master 2 Degree or a French DNSEP diploma), please ensure that you enclose a certificate that makes mention of your current studies and level. If you are selected by our jury for the Postgraduate program, you will be fully elligible only after successfully obtaining your degree. In this case, you must send a copy of yourr degree certificate.

• a stamped self-addressed envelope for return of documentation to unsuccessful applicants (otherwise no documentation will be returned)

The Ensba Lyon will not be held responsible for loss during shipment or damage caused during the examination.

Only complete applications are considered.
We ask the candidates to send an application both printed on A4 paper + a PDF version on a digital support. We will not accept applications only on digital support; all must be both on paper and PDF.

Participation conditions: the Ensba Lyon won’t be responsible for potential travel expenses. But a first contact may be possible by phone or by skype.

All documents must be sent to the postal address below.

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Rok prijave: 25/05/12 - postmark
École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon, Post-diplôme Art
Elise Chaney
8b quai St Vincent
69001 Lyon
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