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Ljubljana, Slovenija
Datum dogodka: 2013
ArtistTalk – Culture and Knowledge Platform
open call for best interview

ArtistTalk – Culture and Knowledge Platform, a project by MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art, Ljubljana in partnership with CIANT Prague, WRO Art Center, Wrocław announces open call for best interview.

ArtistTalk Culture and Knowledge platform invites you to submit your video recordings to an international competition for the best interview with an artist or cultural worker of any medium, profile or age.

ArtistTalk is an online collection of interviews about art and culture, to which you may contribute with a video interview. We invite you to engage in conversation with your favorite or least favorite artists, ask the right questions, engage in a debate on their work, and share your interview with everyone on ArtistTalk!

The most creative and original interview will receive a 1000 euro prize.


1st prize 1000 euro // 2nd prize 700 euro // 3rd prize 300 euro

o Each month of the competition up to nine best videos chosen by the ArtistTalk curatorial group will be published at www.artisttalk.eu. 
o Each month, one from among nine monthly published videos will be honored with a fee of 200,00 eur. 
o Among all received entries, the ArtistTalk curatorial group will select one winning video recording and two runners-up, which will be awarded money prizes and presented at www.artisttalk.eu.
o The main prizes include a free hotel accommodation and entry pass for the opening events of the 15th Media Art Biennale WRO 2013 (May 8-12, 2013)
o Selected videos will be presented at 15th Media Art Biennale WRO 2013 in Wrocław, ArtistTalk conference at Enter Festival 2013 in Prague and Sonica Festival 2013 in Ljubljana.


Participants must be 18 or older in order to apply.

Video recordings must be a maximum of fifteen minutes in length.

Each applicant can submit up to five interviews, but only one may be awarded.

Video recordings and interviews must be your original work and previously unpublished.

Video recordings which are not in English must include subtitles in English language.

How to apply

1. Add your video on YouTube.
For any YouTube option you are required to open an account, but they are FREE and easy to setup. By uploading a video recording to YouTube you agree with their terms and conditions. Please read carefully YouTube´s Privacy Policy, Terms of Service or Community Guidelines before you submit any video recordings. Works which do not comply with these regulations will be automatically removed.

2. After your video is uploaded, fill in the contest entry form, sign it and send it to the e-mail address below together with the link to your video. Please don´t forget to include your contact details in your email.
Should your video recording be selected, we will send you an agreement, which must be signed in order to receive any of the the prizes. We shall present the selected video recording/s on ArtistTalk, YouTube and Vimeo channels. The subject of the email should be: artisttalk open call 2012 - surname - video´s title.

Entry form

Your entry is not complete until you fill out and send the contest entry form to the e-mail address below. The contest entry form must be signed and sent together witha link to your video. Your video shall not be considered as a valid entry if you have not completed and signed the contest entry form.

Razpisni obrazec
Rok prijave: 15/02/13 at 23:59 (GMT) - DEADLINE EXTENDED!
Rožna dolina cesta II/36
1000 Ljubljana
tel: +386 40 512 603
Vir podatka:  MoTA


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