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Bath, UK
Datum dogodka: 2012
MIXII, Bath Spa University
Liberated Words
Call for Video Narratives

The exhibition is open to all international videopoets, writers and artists. Participation is free.

The videos must correspond to the theme ‘Liberated Words’.

Submissions must be up to three minutes in length (including credits).

Up to three entries can be submitted but only one entry will be selected for the exhibition per applicant.

The works should not be of a commercial nature (for example, television commercials).

English subtitles are required for productions using language and/or text other than English.


The exhibition will be selected by videopoet and writer Sarah Tremlett (and MIXII co-organiser) and poet Lucy English (MIXII organiser).

Submission Process

To participate please read the rules and regulations and fill out the entry form and the release form and attach an applicant resume and a jpeg still or screenshot preferably online (or by post).

1          Read the rules and regulations
2          Fill out and sign the Entry Form
3          Fill out and sign the Release Form
4          Submit a brief Applicant Resume

A new entry form and release form must be completed for each work submitted.

Conditions for participation

The artist/author must be over 18 years old.

Interactive and non-interactive works can be shown.

The applicants have observed  the rules and regulations concerning author’s rights
regarding the use of words, music, sounds and images protected by copyright, and that the author has received explicit authorization for the use of the aforementioned by their relative authors.

Up to three submissions can be accepted but only one will be shown in the exhibition (it is possible all three will be selected for the archive).  A new entry form and release form must be completed for each submitted work. Works authored by more than one person are admissible.

Please note that by entering into the selection process the applicant accepts the rules and regulations and consent to the use and reproduction of submitted materials, photographs or edited video highlights for documentary or promotional purposes. By submitting video works for participation in the exhibition and conference means the applicant authorises the screening of works for the cultural and promotional purposes of the exhibition organiser.

Please make sure you have completed all the relevant forms and are aware of the rules and regulations before submitting work.


Rok prijave: 01/06/12
School of Humanities and Cultural Industries, Bath Spa University
Lucy English
Newton Park
BA2 9BN Bath
Vir podatka:  Bath Spa University


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