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Dublin, Ireland
University of Dublin
Crossings: eJournal of Art and Technology
Crossings is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary academic journal that aims to explore the areas where technology and art intersect. Call for papers.
Papers are encouraged on any topic related to art, technology or the philosophical issues raised by attempts to bridge the gap between art and science. The journal is free of cost to readers and published only in electronic form.

Contribution Categories
Crossings publishes materials in a number of different forms. Submissions of an innovative nature that might fall outside these categories are also encouraged.

Papers range from shorter (3-4 pages) to longer (8-12 pages) and can be of practical as well as well as theoretical nature. All papers are peer-reviewed by at least three members of our Editorial Board. Authors are expected to revise accepted papers based on reviewers' comments. Normally, two weeks are given for revisions. Papers are expected to follow the house style described in the Style Guide and the Style Sample.

Short (400-500 word) invited pieces on the state of the art. Commentaries are reviewed by the editor-in-chief and the managing editor but not by the editorial board.

Reviews of books, events, web sites, software, etc. Reviews may be invited or unsolicited. They are reviewed by the editor-in-chief and the managing editor.

Response Papers
Short, informal pieces responding to another piece in the journal, such as an exhibition or a peer-reviewed paper. Reviewed by the editor-in-chief and the managing editor.

The journal's web site offers a gallery space for the presentation of creative works under discussion. This space is of permanent (archival) nature and free of cost for artists. The gallery is updated continually and work can be submitted independently of paper deadlines. Artworks submitted to the gallery may be actual work in digital media but also documentary information (such as video or audio footage) of non-digital work. Currently, text, images, audio, video, and other types of digital media are supported.

Work in Progress
Short descriptions of work in progress.

Crossings: Electronic Journal of Art and Technology
O'Reilly Institute, Trinity College
tel: +353 1 608 1540
fax: +353 1 677 2204
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